Hi, We Are comwelder

Comwelder was born from a vision to provide affordable and high-quality welding equipment to those entering and experienced in the world of welding. 

Who We Are

At Comwelder, laser innovation is our passion. With years of experience under our belt, we've honed our expertise in laser equipment. Our journey began with a remarkable achievement—miniaturizing industrial laser marking equipment. This triumph fueled our ambition to extend our success to laser welding.

In 2020, we handpicked our top-tier experts to launch a game-changing project: the air-cooled laser welding machine. After a relentless 3-year journey of research and development, we proudly unveiled the first generation of air-cooled laser welding products in 2023, and we named it Comwelder B2.

Our commitment to exceptional quality has driven us to test our laser welding products rigorously for 2 years. The result? A breakthrough moment in June 2023, as we proudly introduced air-cooled laser welding products designed for 24-hour continuous use. This marked a pivotal shift, replacing the cumbersome water-cooled laser welder.

We've revolutionized the landscape by addressing the shortcomings of water-cooled welding. Say goodbye to bulky water-cooled boxes that devour power and demand constant replacements. Our laser welding machine is a leap forward from traditional electric welders. It not only delivers rapid welding speeds and seamless results, but it also simplifies operations—no certified welder required—and enhances safety. Moreover, our compact, low-power, durable laser welding machine is free from consumables.

Our mission is clear: "to make it easier for everyone to use small laser equipment." With our air-cooled laser small laser welding machine, we're determined to bring laser excellence within everyone's reach.

Experience the future of laser welding with Comwelder—where innovation meets simplicity, and laser technology becomes accessible to all.

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Our products are is small size and light weight,easy to learn , only a few hours for beginners to get started.Realize the two functions of welding and cutting at the same time.


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ComWelder LLC

Handheld Laser Welder Machine Use

Global Presence

Comwelder is founded by Hefei Comwelder Technology Co.,LTD The company has been operating in the Laser Welding industry for more than 10 years. And it is a comprehensive enterprise integrating production, R&D, and sales. After years of development, Comwelder has grown as a leading brand in the Laser Welding industry domestically.

Let Creativity Fly!

Comwelder values self-expression and spreading love through creativity. We are committed to the ongoing production of powerful and portable DIY technology and tools so that everyone can easily experience and share the joy of creation with the world!

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The Creations From Comwelder Users

By providing easy-to-use tools, software and materials, Comwelder users can easily make creations and experience the fun of creations.

We also have set up the community to show their creations and get inspiration from us. 

Advantages of ComWelder

Highest Part Yield

The high stability of the laser power and beam profile of the Comwelder fiber laser ensures a very repeatable process that delivers the same high-quality weld every time. This non-contact process with no wearing surfaces ensures the last part you produce is the same as the first.

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High Throughput

The inherently high speed oflaser processing combined with the ease of high-speed automation and elimination of most post- processing steps provide significantly shorter cycle times than competing technologies. Facto in the high-yield process, and Comwelder fiber laser welding delivers more good parts faster than alternate joining techniques.

Laser Welding Machine
Fast ROl

Together with higher-speed and lower-cost processing, the high uptime and availability of the laser welding system enabled by the zero-maintenance Comwelder fiber laser make for the lowest cost per part welding, and the fastest return on investment. laser welding delivers more good parts faster than alternate joining techniques.

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We Create just for Fun of Creation

Comwelder is a team of creative and innovative geeks enthusiastic about creation. So we have a creation contest for Comwelder employees every one or two months, in which they make their own projects using Comwelder machines and present them in the roadshow. During the past 50 contests, we have been amazed by so many brilliant ideas and outstanding projects, many of which have been applied to our products.