Warranty and Return

Under normal circumstances, our return and refund policy is valid for 15 days (calculated from the receipt date of the package). If the request for a return or refund exceeds the time period, we will not accept it.

At the same time, this policy only applies to orders placed directly on our official websites (www.comwelder.com). And before enjoying this return and refund policy, you need to provide your order number or email address for us to confirm the case. If your order wasn’t placed on our official websites, please contact the seller to handle your case, thanks!

▸1.Return Condition

Package not Received

1) The package has not been dispatched from our warehouse.

When the package has not been dispatched from our warehouse, for some reason, you want to cancel your order. Please contact us to submit your request via email address: support@comwelder.com, online message, Facebook messages, or other channels within 24 hours.

In this case, you will get a full refund, but as Paypal and credit card will charge a certain bank fee; the specific amount is subject to the final amount of the account you receive.

2) The package has been handed over to the shipping company.
If you do not send an email or message to us to cancel your order in time, and the package has been sent from our warehouse to the shipping company, in this case, we will try our best to intercept the package for you. If it can be intercepted, we will cancel the order for you and after getting an accurate reply from the shipping company, we provide a full refund to you.But as Paypal and credit cards will charge a certain bank fee; the specific amount is subject to the final amount of the account you receive.

3) The package has already been in transit.
Usually, once the package is dispatched from the shipping company, the package cannot be intercepted, and you can only submit your return and refund request after receiving the package.

The operation fee, tariff, and other additional costs incurred by intercepting a package will be borne by the customer, and such costs will be deducted from the total refund amount.
If the customer deliberately doesn’t
pay customs duty or refuses to sign the package because it cannot be intercepted in transit, which results in the package being returned, destroyed, or lost, the incurred customs duty, shipping fee, and other charges will be deducted from the total refund amount.

Package Delivered

1)Non-quality Issue (don’t want, failed expectation, etc.)
You may return most new, unopened items sold and fulfilled by comwelder within 15 days of delivery for a full refund. Please contact our customer service- after sales

When you submit the return and refund request, please make sure:
a. The product maintains its original quality and functions.
Customer can open the package based on inspection needs or conducts proper checks to confirm the quality and function of the product without affecting the normal functioning of the product. While inspections beyond these reasonable needs, and result in a large depreciation of the product, like disassembling the product, will be deemed as the product is not in good condition.
b. Product is wrapped in and returned with the original packaging.

Note: The shipping fee for non-quality returning needs to be covered by the customer.

2) Quality Issue
a. When the package is received, the outer packaging is damaged, but the product is functioning properly;
b. When the package is received, the outer packaging is damaged, and the product is not functioning properly;
c. The package was received in good condition, but the product has severe defects and is not functioning properly.
If you encounter any of the upper-mentioned cases:
· Within 7 days of receiving the package, you can request a refund or replacement and we will cover the shipping fee for returning.
· above 7 days but not exceeding 30 days of receiving the package, you cannot request a refund but can request a replacement and we will cover the shipping fee for returning.

▸2. Return & Refund Procedures

①Summit a request→②LP provides return address→③You return the product and provide its tracking number→④LP receives the package and checks it→⑤ LP processes a refund→ ⑥ You receive the refund

1)Within the valid period of the return & refund policy (30 days), if you need to return the product for a refund, please contact us through: support@comwelder.com or other official channels to submit your request.

2)After receiving your request, we will provide you with the nearest return address.
Currently, we have 8 effective return addresses in the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong China, and Mainland China.

3) Please properly wrap the product and attached accessories with the original packaging and return it to the upper-mentioned address and provide us with the tracking number.
The shipping fee of non-quality issue returns should be borne by the customer, while that of returning a faulty product will be borne by us. As currently we cannot provide a return shipping label, customers conform to the second case need to pay the shipping fee first and provide the receipt to us. We will transfer the shipping fee to you when the returned package is received and checked.

4) When the package is received and signed, our warehouse staff will check and confirm if the returned product is in good condition.

5) If everything is OK, we will refund the full amount or part of the amount according to the actual situation within one week to your payment account. If your PayPal or credit card is invalid at that time, please notify us in time to avoid a possible loss to you and provide us with a new account to receive the refund.

6) Usually you’ll receive the refund in 1-7 days after the returned package is received, while this time period will be extended by 1-2 business days due to holidays or weekends. However, if you have not received a refund within 9 days, you can contact us via: support@comwelder.com.

▸3. Non-refundable Situations

1) The product is not purchased from our official website: www.comwelder.com
2) Due to human causes, the product is seriously damaged and/or cannot work properly.
3) Customer disassembles the product to check or repair without LP’s permission.
4) Other behaviors that affect the proper working and reselling of the product.
PS: If you’re looking for warranty services and replacement & maintenance policy, please visit:(Warranty Policy)